ELASTIderm® Eye Treatment

The proprietary Obagi ELASTIderm Eye Treatment is a revolutionary skin treatment that is clinically proven to help rebuild the appearance of youthful eyes by helping to restore elasticity to the delicate skin around the eyes while actively reducing the visible fine lines and wrinkles.

For The Soft And Vulnerable Skin Around The Eyes

Using a unique bi-mineral complex called Copper Zinc Malonate, the Obagi ELASTIderm Treatment was created with a thorough understanding of the importance of “elasticity” in retaining youthful-looking skin.  The elastin protein in the skin is a crucial component in providing both elasticity and tone to your soft skin tissues. The ELASTIderm Cream contains penetrating therapeutics specially formulated to naturally replenish the vital elastin in order to help nourish and firm the soft and vulnerable skin around the eyes.

Powerful … Yet Mild Enough To Use Every Day

With regular use, the ELASTIderm Treatment can help the skin around the eyes appear years younger. The unique Obagi ELASTIderm Treatment is powerful enough to combat visible fine lines and wrinkles, but mild enough for use every day without fear of redness or irritation.

Ask the Doctor If The Obagi ELASTIderm Treatment Is For You

There is no better time than now to ask the doctor if the ELASTIderm Treatment is for you.