Body Waxing

We offer an alternative to our Prowave Laser Hair Reduction treatments for men and women if you are not a good candidate for the laser. We realize some hair reduction treatments may not always be as pleasant, so we make every effort to make it as comfortable as possible for you.

We first prep your skin with a light Lidocaine anesthetic spray along with our cleansers to help add to the comfort of your treatment. We also treat the area afterwards for the overall comfort and care of your skin.

We can do any facial areas including brows, bikini (including Brazilian), legs, under arms, back, chest, fingers, toes, pretty much anywhere you have unwanted hair. We offer different types of waxing for different skin types and areas being waxed. We have a roll on wax that is temperature controlled to protect your skin and it offers a fast and easy treatment. We also have some hard waxes for those that prefer and need that type of treatment.

Most waxing treatments can last 4-6 weeks between appointments, but since hair growth is determined by many factors including hormones, treatment times and results may vary from person to person. We do our best to insure our patients are pleased with the results of smooth, hair free skin.

With all of our treatments, we offer a free skin consultation to help determine the best treatment for your skin type and personal objectives. Schedule yours today!