Acne Treatment

This is one of our specialized treatments. Because Acne can be so aggressive, it requires an aggressive form of treatment to help control or eliminate it. To do so, we provide a powerful combination of skin treatments carefully combined and integrated to maximize and optimize their effectiveness against the acne outbreaks in order to help restore and maintain a fresher, smoother, and healthier looking skin.

Our specialized Acne Treatment includes the following steps and procedures:

Step 1: Pink Microdermabrasion Treatment
This Microdermabrasion treatment gently and effectively removes the top layer of skin cells.

Step 2: Beta or Salicylic Chemical Peel Treatment
This chemical peel treatment goes deeper to help stunt and control bacteria growth, extract open and closed comedos, milia, and drain cysts if they are present to help prevent future scarring.

Step 3: Blue Light Acne Therapy Light Treatment
Treatment serums or creams are first applied, and then the Blue Light Acne Therapy Light is used over the full face or affected area to help heal and reduce bacteria. (Note: The Blue Light Therapy treatment may sometimes be split with Red Light Therapy because of the calming and healing effects that can be achieved.)

Step 4: High Frequency Electro Therapy Treatment
This treatment is used to reduce inflammation, reduce bacteria, condition the skin, and promote healing.

Step 5: Recommended Home Skin Care Regime
It helps tremendously if patients utilize a good skin care regime at home between treatments.

Our acne treatment is good for a single clean-up or prevention, but if the skin has been affected by years of damage, heavier correction may be needed which can take multiple treatments to get the best results.

With all of our treatments, we offer a free skin consultation to help determine the best treatment for your skin type and personal objectives. Schedule yours today!